ambientartlab – laboratory for digital art and interactive media
Karlsgasse 11, A-1040 Vienna, Austria
email: office@ambientartlab.at
web: www.ambientartlab.com

The ambientartlab is a collective of artists and designers from media arts, architecture, and experimental sound and space research. Extending over several years the aal artists developed audio-visual installations and performances in a dialectical creation processes. The main theme of their works is to react and interact by visual and acoustic means with the visitiors and the given location to establish an intimate dialog between art piece, audience and space. Exhibitions at Ars Electronica, K├╝nstlerhaus Vienna, Design Cinema Istanbul, SIGGRAPH Computational Aesthetics Canada and Generative Art Conference Milano.

Dr. Florian J. Gruber

Works with photography and film, number systems and geometry, sound and text. By combining and transforming those materials with digital code, he develops generative systems and tools for spatial installations, audiovisual performances and interactive media objects. He is a researcher in interface design, cybernetics and the cultural and social implications of new media technology. He currently works at the multimedia department in the Vienna Burgtheater.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Lorenz

Works in electronic art, architecture and visualization. His scientific-artistic papers and projects deal with the application of electronic media forms and theories and their cultural implications.

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Dipl.-Ing. Nikolaus Hartmann

Is engaged in experimental aural and spatial perception, seen from various perspectives. His general interests circle around sound and the dialectic process between sound and architecture within an architectural and artistic practice. Lives and works in Vienna.


Antoine Juillard

Is our founder-to-be of the french division of ambientartlab. Responsible for everything, including cheese from Clermont, office work no one else wants to do as well as carrying equipment from Buenos Aires to LA.