Ambientartlab does artworks as well as projects for commercial clients, such as graphical, generative software development, interactive installations, event productions, sound visualisation, concept development and more. If you are interested in our work or want to hire us for a project please contact us.

Generative Art

All our works focus on a generative component. We use evolutionary algorithms, particle systems, sensors, video tracking, audio analysis – and synthesis and signal processing to add a touch of diversity and indeterminacy to our designs. During the design process of our projects we go back to our experiences in visual culture, generative art, sound design and experimental spatial research. We play our works like instruments, and improvise with its process, settings and behaviors until we reach a accordingly level of aesthetic complexity. We produce:

+ generative software applications
+ realtime graphics
+ data visualization
+ video sequences
+ glass, plastic, canvas and poster prints
+ 2D and 3D animations

Interactive Media Design

Our installations and projections are used in exhibitions, show rooms, lounges, clubs and theater stagings. We develop:

+ digital media installations
+ interactive environments
+ large-scale live projections
+ individual floor and stage designs
+ architectural media objects

Audio/Visual Live Performances

We play live at various events:

+ media festivals
+ club events
+ free jazz and improvised music concerts
+ theatre and dance shows

We always welcome interesting gigs and cooperations. Please contact us for booking inquiries.

Graphic Design and Web Development

The aal studio also carries out a number of web projects with different content:

+ flash animations & scripting
+ web design & development
+ CSS and HTML templates
+ interactive visual content